Alice in Wonderland

'I could tell you who I was yesterday, said Alice a little timidly, but what’s the point in that. I was a different person then!'

Lewis Carol

I love this quote; it has stuck with me for years. Every day we change, both mentally, physically, emotionally and psychically. Yesterday doesn’t exist anymore and like a snake sheds it’s skin, so do we – sometimes very rapidly.

I wrote this initial blog a few months’ ago on A Yang metal Tiger day. A Yang Metal Tiger feeds the energy of the Yang Water Tiger year. And during most of this day, life flowed like an Alice in Dreamland movie. Even visiting the opticians turned into a magical adventure. When he told me I can see beyond infinity, to him that meant I was long-sighted but to me, it was a huge compliment.

I wrote this initial blog a few months’ ago on A Yang metal Tiger, day. A Yang Metal Tiger feeds the energy of the Yang water Tiger year. And during most of this day, life flowed like an Alice in Dreamland movie.

Even visiting the opticians turned into a magical adventure. When he told me I can see beyond infinity, to him that meant I was long-sighted but to me, it was a huge compliment.I told him, in my meditations recently, I had been told to narrow my aperture, but didn’t understand what that meant. I interpreted it as to condense my focus. Our eyes are just like cameras, if we lose the distracting elements and keep life simple, we can get a lot more done. This is especially important for anyone who, like me, tries to pack life to the full and has too many threads of enquiry.

I recently created a project depicting 3 golden goose eggs (see Art). This symbolised for me, focusing on 3 priorities at any given time.

Sometimes we have to endure periods of intense output as required when you are birthing something for example, it takes extreme effort. But this has to be balanced by some moderated downtime, before we continue onwards at full speed.  Otherwise burn out is a serious potential.


Before running late to the opticians, I had spotted a book in a charity shop window, that I knew I needed to go back for. It jumped out because of its name. I already have a book by the same name, which was a gift from a friend. This second book squared the circle. It is the same, 'same, same but different.' It has equal otherworldly imagery and is the yin to the yang. It even references the Faraway Tree, a favourite book of mine from childhood – a way to journey into other worlds.

Rewind Again to This Morning

My day started with a Shamanic run. I asked for inspiration on what I could present at an upcoming art exhibition in November, that I have been lucky enough to be included in. It is a collaboration between 7 artists, to express our perceptions of this Peninsular. It is called Peninsular Dreamscape and is to be held early November in Woolverstone, near Ipswich.

The first sign on my run was go back, and slow down (link to book above?). The message I wrote down was I had forgotten something or needed to go back for something.

Then I found a dead baby owl.

I have a strong affinity with owls, this is the third one I have found in my many years of living here, but it was proceeded by other events this week.

On Tuesday night I heard a squawking at the front door and thought my cat had brought me a gift (mouse). I’m not a big fan of live presents but would have welcomed him in regardless. Instead, I saw a tawny owl circling my house, screeching away.

The next day, I went for a walk and found the largest tawny owl feather I have ever seen. This was Wednesday.

Then on Friday morning. I found a beautiful baby tawny owl that sadly had been knocked by a car. At least this time, the driver was respectful enough to move him or her to a verge.

Looking at this more widely, a lot of us are ‘guilty’ of driving too fast - metaphorically at least, living urgently, racing when unnecessary, rushing - including me. I did it earlier – dashing out of the opticians to get back to that book before anyone else got it. If I had remembered that if it was meant to be mine, there was no need to rush it would wait for me. And sure enough I bought it and now am the proud owner of Wonderland (part 2).

My Exhibition

On reflection of my Shamanic run findings (the owl), I decided to honour the rare, abundant wildlife on this peninsular, at least in part, in the exhibition I am contributing to in November.

So many animals die on this road, because of fast drivers, and this saddens me. This Peninsular is old sacred Viking land, and it is abundant with deer, owls, pheasants, rabbits, badgers as well as ancient trees and it is cradled between two powerful rivers.

Meeting the Magic Seven (Now Six)

I got to the art exhibition meeting this evening, to join the other artists to discuss ideas, I felt like ‘yikes’ – what I have I signed up for. All my ‘can I do it’, ‘am I good enough’ fears surfaced along with a touch of overwhelm and lots of excitement. Then I remembered something Louise Hay used to say to herself after each new hurdle she jumped through (paraphrasing) ‘Well done Louise, you did brilliantly today and next time will be even better’

To Conclude

I finish this blog today, after completing my first exhibition – last weekend, in early September. It wasn’t perfect, but it was magical and a great dress rehearsal to iron out any remaining wrinkles to showing my work off in its best light – a skill in itself I am learning. I also met some fantastic people, especially the other local artists exhibiting there and learnt so much more about this amazing Peninsular I call home.

I also realised you only master things in life through practise and positive self-talk. There is no failure, only feedback. And as long as you keep getting up and turning up, you will eventually succeed.

So whatever your goal is, and make it big, you have to face your fears, doubts and ’feedback moments’. Or accept your life as welcome to Groundhog Day 😊, every day, day after day, until you lay on your death bed.

Fear stands for either Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. Don’t run or hide, we have limited time here, shine your light like a star.

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I just wanted to tell you that the friend Kathy H whom I was uncertain about actually sent me a text 5 minutes after we had finished talking!!!! So we must have energised the link!!! And your wisdom to help me learn more also is good. I'm meeting her on Saturday, and we'll have a coffee etc.

C.J. London

Fine Art Brings Happiness

A beautiful and moving image now graces my wall: layers of vibrant colour alternatively reveal and conceal forms of significance, depicted with emotion and artistry. The abstract quality is such that it is a timeless piece I will always value and enjoy.
Thankyou !

PH Shotley Suffolk

Feng Shui Consultation for New Home

Growing up in China, I have always interested in Fengshui. As we were moving to Ipswich, I googled Fengshui consultant locally and that is how I found Rachel. I am so glad that we connected through the email initially. The house move took 9 months, Rachel was so patient, and she offered me advice through the process. I was so excited to meet her the day after we moved in. It provided us with a lot of comfort and guidiance at the new home. With her consultation, we had a much better understanding of the new space. Rachel is very intuitive, she did the dowsing, cleared the geopathic stress by using 'acupuncture'. The ritual she carried out involved all family member, so it was rather special.  By using Fengshui principle and combined with our personal astrology, Rachel pointed out where the 'special corners' in our house, for example the wealth, relationship, friends and helpful people etc; She also helped us choose the interior colour, elemental accessories, positive symbolism in art works etc. I am so glad that I have found Rachel. It made us settle in and connect with our new home much quicker. The declutter has given us a much healthier space to live in. Whenever I feel disconnected with our home, I try to use some of the Fengshui she taught us to refresh and cleanse. I am so grateful that I contacted Rachel at the first place. 

Feng Shui Resolved Serious Mental Health Issue

I asked for Rachels help with a young family member. They were having mental health issues which involved refusing to attend school, withdrawing from friendship groups and showing signs of psychosis. Rachel discussed with me her findings regarding her birth date and time in relation to her specialised work. Together we put a plan in place as I was to help. I carried out her recommendations. She stated that this time would come to an end this Spring and they would be through the part of the chart that was causing the chaos. I am so excited to report that they were again attending school until the lockdown. She is fully interacting with her family and is again part of her friendship group. Due to the lockdown and her now being well she is catching up with the school work she missed and will be ready to start again when the time comes. She is now off all medication which included ADHD and antidepressant prescription drugs. I cannot thank Rachel enough. If you are on the fence regarding her work, don’t be, it will be the best thing you could do for yourself and those you care for.

Feng Shui Consultation Solved Tenant Crisis Ipswich

"Before I got in touch with Rachel, I was at a loss to know what to do. I had bought a flat to rent out in Ipswich, but it attracted the wrong types of tenants. The previous three tenants had either not paid their rent or had left the flat in a very bad state of repair, or both. In effect, I was just chucking money into a big black hole. I wanted to keep the flat, which I would eventually pass on to my son, but I still had the mortgage to pay. After reading about feng shui and the effect it can have, I was keen to find out more. I contacted Rachel and she explained what she intended to do and why. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical at first, but I was keen to give it a go. Much to my amazement, after a six month rent void, that same week, a potential tenant turned up at the flat. The couple liked what they saw and moved in within two weeks. Much to my relief, they also paid the rent on time. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone in a similar situation."

Amanda Paterson, Ipswich

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