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The Bone Mother

Art Healing - Reiki Drumming Journeys Combined with Therapeutic Art Time

In combination with Reiki Drumming, which takes you into a state of deep relaxation, I now combine this with therapeutic art time, to explore the images and feelings that come up following a guided drumming journey.

Sessions last approximately two hours and combine an initial discussion about what you would like help with, and then 45 mins of journeying time. I help you set an intention for your journey and you then lay down comfortably on a massage couch, fully clothed in my warm peaceful studio.

There are different types of journeys we can do - depending on what you choose to work on. Sometimes one long journey will be done, or at other times a number of shorter journeys. I will guide you to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and then as you begin to relax, the drumbeat with take you down into a profoundly peaceful meditative state and the drum will guide you inwards, by changing your brain waves into a theta state - similar to how you feel before you fall asleep. In this place, your subconscious mind is more accessible, and it is much easier to tune in to your inner thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, and gain answers or information to help you move forwards in life.

Everybody experiences inner journeying, or guided visualisation in their own way, and it can vary from one session to another. You may just see flashes or colour, or memories may surface, or you may hear sounds or clear advice, or feel things in your body. Strongly visual people may see inner landscapes, meet animals or guides - th epossibilities are endless. For most people the clarity of the information received, gets stronger over time, with practise. The key is to relax and let it be ok whatever comes up, even if it is nothing at all. Maybe that is the answer or at least a clue to it.

I will explain how to walk over a bridge, or jump down a well, to find yourself in an inner landscape and the varying drumbeats will be explained, so you know the signal for when it is time to wrap up and make your way back.

Or I may get you to visualise light flowing down through the top of your head and when it gets stuck, describe the colour, shape, size and any other details about the blockage there. Then I will begin drumming whilst you focus on the area you are working to clear, and may experience it change colour, dissolve, turn into a butterfly or something else. This is often a good place to start for people new to the technique, or if you don't have a specific question straight away. It will provide clues into where the energy is stuck in your body and this can help unlock the areas of your life that need looking into.

You remain fully in control at all times, and the journey can stop when you feel done.

It differs from hypnosis in that you find the answers to your own questions, rather than have new beliefs and stories seeded into your mind. I personally prefer this approach, as by learning to find your own answers, you become more self empowered, and after a few sessions it is a process you can continue to use at home.

Therapeutic Art Time

Then the therapeutic art time which lasts approximately an hour - provides space to further unpack the insights / imagery / guidance you received through any form of creative activity. This keeps you in right brain mode, so your intuitive mind further unpacks the information you received. Also the act of creating something physically to record it, helps the new energy or vision manifest into being.

Your art time is precious time for you, to write, scribble, paint, play with clay, make collages, or a vision board - or even write a poem. It is not art for exhibiting (unless you want to) and it is not analysed. I am just there to support you and help you with any questions you may have on how you want to express yourself.

Some people even choose to go for a nature walk and collect stones and feathers or take a photograph of something that inspires them. The final piece is not important, it is the process of doing it that helps you slow down, relax and tune into to your inner wisdom. And anything you start can be a seed of a new project you can take home and work on further if you wish.

My studio is stocked with a wide range of interesting materials - or you are welcome to bring your own. Tea and a light snack is provided at the end of the session, to help ground you back to normal life, and get ready for the drive home.

My Offerings : One to One Sessions and Private Groups

I offer private sessions or you can come as a group (maximum 6 people). This is a great way to reduce the cost and share the experience with friends. I can also be flexible with the time allocated to art, tailoring the sessions where possible to suit your needs. Some evenings and weekends are available as well as during the week.

The Benefits of This Process

  • Reiki Drumming combined with therapeutic art time is especially useful if you need to make choices about things in your life - such as work or relationships.
  • It can help you find answers to health issues, or ways to feel more balanced or less stressed.
  • It is very therapeutic in itself, due to the deep relaxing effects of Reiki Drumming, which provides a wide range of benefits to your general mood, health, sleep, hormones and immune system function.
  • It will improve your intuition, self awareness and over time is a process that can totally transform your life!
  • It enhances creativity and can be a great way to get inspiration for creative projects.
  • It is a great git of self-care - giving you 2 hours of much needed space to nurture your soul and tune in to your inner wisdom with no distractions or 'noise.'

I personally find it extremely beneficial and practise it nearly every day. Click here to see a few examples of art projects I have explored , using this process.

Please call me on 07780 612625 or email rachel@epiphanie.co.uk for more information.


I just wanted to tell you that the friend Kathy H whom I was uncertain about actually sent me a text 5 minutes after we had finished talking!!!! So we must have energised the link!!! And your wisdom to help me learn more also is good. I'm meeting her on Saturday, and we'll have a coffee etc.

C.J. London

Fine Art Brings Happiness

A beautiful and moving image now graces my wall: layers of vibrant colour alternatively reveal and conceal forms of significance, depicted with emotion and artistry. The abstract quality is such that it is a timeless piece I will always value and enjoy.
Thankyou !

PH Shotley Suffolk

Feng Shui Consultation for New Home

Growing up in China, I have always interested in Fengshui. As we were moving to Ipswich, I googled Fengshui consultant locally and that is how I found Rachel. I am so glad that we connected through the email initially. The house move took 9 months, Rachel was so patient, and she offered me advice through the process. I was so excited to meet her the day after we moved in. It provided us with a lot of comfort and guidiance at the new home. With her consultation, we had a much better understanding of the new space. Rachel is very intuitive, she did the dowsing, cleared the geopathic stress by using 'acupuncture'. The ritual she carried out involved all family member, so it was rather special.  By using Fengshui principle and combined with our personal astrology, Rachel pointed out where the 'special corners' in our house, for example the wealth, relationship, friends and helpful people etc; She also helped us choose the interior colour, elemental accessories, positive symbolism in art works etc. I am so glad that I have found Rachel. It made us settle in and connect with our new home much quicker. The declutter has given us a much healthier space to live in. Whenever I feel disconnected with our home, I try to use some of the Fengshui she taught us to refresh and cleanse. I am so grateful that I contacted Rachel at the first place. 

Feng Shui Resolved Serious Mental Health Issue

I asked for Rachels help with a young family member. They were having mental health issues which involved refusing to attend school, withdrawing from friendship groups and showing signs of psychosis. Rachel discussed with me her findings regarding her birth date and time in relation to her specialised work. Together we put a plan in place as I was to help. I carried out her recommendations. She stated that this time would come to an end this Spring and they would be through the part of the chart that was causing the chaos. I am so excited to report that they were again attending school until the lockdown. She is fully interacting with her family and is again part of her friendship group. Due to the lockdown and her now being well she is catching up with the school work she missed and will be ready to start again when the time comes. She is now off all medication which included ADHD and antidepressant prescription drugs. I cannot thank Rachel enough. If you are on the fence regarding her work, don’t be, it will be the best thing you could do for yourself and those you care for.

Feng Shui Consultation Solved Tenant Crisis Ipswich

"Before I got in touch with Rachel, I was at a loss to know what to do. I had bought a flat to rent out in Ipswich, but it attracted the wrong types of tenants. The previous three tenants had either not paid their rent or had left the flat in a very bad state of repair, or both. In effect, I was just chucking money into a big black hole. I wanted to keep the flat, which I would eventually pass on to my son, but I still had the mortgage to pay. After reading about feng shui and the effect it can have, I was keen to find out more. I contacted Rachel and she explained what she intended to do and why. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical at first, but I was keen to give it a go. Much to my amazement, after a six month rent void, that same week, a potential tenant turned up at the flat. The couple liked what they saw and moved in within two weeks. Much to my relief, they also paid the rent on time. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone in a similar situation."

Amanda Paterson, Ipswich

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