Hypnotherapy Ipswich

Hypnotherapy is a theraputic technique that can help you deeply relax and make positive, lasting changes in your life, in just a few sessions. It is a quick and powerful healing tool that can help you release long-standing emotional issues.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique which gently works to reprogramme the subconscious mind. It can be used in many situations, where a person wishes to change some aspect of their life, such as unwantted habits or behaviours or simply let old emotional baggage, finally go.

I generally use it in combination with the Emotional Freedom Technique to permanently and safely, neutralise difficult past experiences and current emotional patterns. This will help you to live a full and happier life.

It effectively treats depression, anxiety, low confidence / self-esteem, panic attacks, sadness, fears and phobias, low motivation, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep problems, addictions, weight management - amongst many other things,.

How is hypnosis achieved and what does it feel like?

After a discussion which lasts around 30 minutes, I invite you to make yourself comfortable on the chair or coach. Gentle music is played in the background, and the session begins.

There are many methods of inducing a trance - the objective is to get the conscious, questioning mind to relax and take a back seat. This can be done by distracting, confusing or boring the conscious mind (have you ever been so bored by someone that you switched off? you were in a light trance state when this happened!)

The induction method I prefer to use, is progressively relaxing you in a light trance. Gently guiding your focus, limb by limb, starting at the top of the head and working down to your feet. Your breathing slows down, your mind turns inwards and the outside world fades into the background. This gives a very pleasant first impression of hypnosis, and is also a technique you can use at home, to reduce your stress levels and help get to sleep.

Progressive relaxation takes about 15 minutes and by the end of it, you will feel deeply relaxed, and in a light trance state, From here I may use a deepener, which takes you further down into relaxation. For example, I may describe a beautiful place in nature, which you've been to before, or somewhere totally imaginary. By this time you will be focusing on internal pictures, sounds and feelings and are then very deeply relaxed and receptive to positive suggestions for change.

Hypnotherapy feels similar to being in a state of deep relaxation - once a light trance has been induced, a number of things can be done:

  • Negative or limiting beliefs can be replaced with positive new beliefs such as "I am confident" or "Who I am is enough"
  • 'Problems' can be reframed so that they are viewed in a different way, and no longer cause anxiety, anger or upset
  • Therapeutic stories can be incorporated to change the client's perspective of a situation
  • Self confidence and self esteem can be boosted by getting the person to see themselves through the eyes of someone who loves them

Other therapeutic ways of working with hypnosis

We may do some exploratory work - possibly going back in time, or travelling into the future... or meeting a wise advisor for advice on your issues.

  • We may change the way you view your problem so it is turned into an opportunity
  • We may destroy a fear by putting it in a balloon and letting it float away
  • We may box up your problems for sorting out one by one, at the pace that is right for you
  • We may use affirmations (positive present tense statements - e.g. I am successful!) to change your core beliefs
  • We may dissolve anger, pain or other painful emotions with coloured light

The above are just examples, and many different techniques are used during the sessions, depending on your needs.

Once the therapeutic work has been completed, you are counted up out of the light trance state and will 'wake up' feeling positive, optimistic and relaxed. There will be some time for you to come back fully to everyday awareness, before you leave to drive home.

Being in a light trance feels like that time when you are lying in bed, not quite awake, not quite asleep. It is a daydreamy state, where you are focused internally rather than externally.

You can think about the levels of consciousness in the following way:

  • Fully alert: You are taking an exam
  • Light trance: You are daydreaming about taking an exam
  • Moderate trance: You are fully imagining yourself taking an exam
  • Deep trance: You can feel yourself taking an exam
  • Sleep: You are dreaming about yourself taking an exam.

What is the difference between stage hypnotism and hypnotherapy?

Most clients who come to see me have seen some form of stage hypnotism, whether it's Paul McKenna or someone else. Whilst these shows are good for raising the profile of hypnotherapy, and providing proof that it does work, it does create some apprehension in people.

You will be pleased to hear that hypnotherapy is much more dignified than what you may have seen on the TV. You lie down on a couch or lean-back chair, and gently relax into an altered state of awareness. There is no squawking like a chicken required!

The main difference between the two uses of this tool is the intention behind it.

The work hypnotherapists do is entirely therapeutic. This means it is carried out 100% for the benefit of the wellbeing of the client. People visit a hypnotherapist because they have something they want to change in their lives.

Stage hypnotism is carried out for entertainment. People who allow themselves to be hypnotised in a show, know what's involved and are happy to proceed on those terms.

It is important to note that in both cases the full consent and cooperation of the person who is hypnotised is required for it to work. People CANNOT be hypnotised without their consent.

Is there anyone who can't be hypnotised?

Certain drugs and mental conditions may interfere with hypnosis. Your medical history will be discussed before the first treatment, and if necessary you will be asked to provide a consent letter from your doctor.

Everyone else who is fit and well, and not on certain medication can be hypnotised.

Working with GPs

For many people it is not necessary to contact their GP before having hypnotherapy. However where appropriate, I encourage clients to tell their doctor they are receiving treatment, for example in a case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In some cases, I may suggest an alternative treatment - which may be more beneficial for you.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy. This means it works alongside allopathic medicine - and not instead of it. Whilst undergoing hypnotherapy or any complementary treatment, you must continue taking all medication until you have the consent and supervision of your doctor to reduce / stop it.

Hypnotherapy versus counselling

Hypnotherapy has an element of counselling in it. The first part of all sessions give the client a chance to talk through anything that has happened or they have been feeling since their last session. Talking is therapeutic to a point - as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

However, unlike counselling, hypnotherapy is solution focused, and each session uses techniques to move the client closer to their goals. Hypnotherapy starts with the belief: You are here... and you want to get to here. Let's look at how we can achieve that. Counselling starts with: You are here... lets talk about this and see if it changes. In my experience, the more you focus on your problems, the bigger they get.

If you would like to know more, and help to decide whether this treatment is right for you, I offer a free no-oblogation call or Zoom/Skype chat - prior to a first session, to answer any questions, and listen to what you would like help with. I can then bok you in if you decide I am a good fit for you. Please call me on 07780 612625 or email rachel@epiphanie.co.uk to book an informal chat. I offer hypnotherapy from my studio just outside Ipswich.

Feng Shui Resolved Serious Mental Health Issue

I asked for Rachels help with a young family member. They were having mental health issues which involved refusing to attend school, withdrawing from friendship groups and showing signs of psychosis. Rachel discussed with me her findings regarding her birth date and time in relation to her specialised work. Together we put a plan in place as I was to help. I carried out her recommendations. She stated that this time would come to an end this Spring and they would be through the part of the chart that was causing the chaos. I am so excited to report that they were again attending school until the lockdown. She is fully interacting with her family and is again part of her friendship group. Due to the lockdown and her now being well she is catching up with the school work she missed and will be ready to start again when the time comes. She is now off all medication which included ADHD and antidepressant prescription drugs. I cannot thank Rachel enough. If you are on the fence regarding her work, don’t be, it will be the best thing you could do for yourself and those you care for.

Feng Shui Consultation Solved Tenant Crisis Ipswich

"Before I got in touch with Rachel, I was at a loss to know what to do. I had bought a flat to rent out in Ipswich, but it attracted the wrong types of tenants. The previous three tenants had either not paid their rent or had left the flat in a very bad state of repair, or both. In effect, I was just chucking money into a big black hole. I wanted to keep the flat, which I would eventually pass on to my son, but I still had the mortgage to pay. After reading about feng shui and the effect it can have, I was keen to find out more. I contacted Rachel and she explained what she intended to do and why. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical at first, but I was keen to give it a go. Much to my amazement, after a six month rent void, that same week, a potential tenant turned up at the flat. The couple liked what they saw and moved in within two weeks. Much to my relief, they also paid the rent on time. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone in a similar situation."

Amanda Paterson, Ipswich

Feng Shui Advice Good =Money Money Money!

"I contacted Rachel after moving into a new house, as I wanted life to continue smoothly in our new residence. Like most people, I was particularly concerned that our good fortune and relationship remained strong and healthy. The consultation was really helpful as it cleared up a lot of my questions regarding feng shui, and I was able to choose colours for all the rooms. Although at the time of writing this I have yet to implement all of the changes (we are redecorating the whole house) already I have noticed some results. My husband and I have spent more quality time together this summer after strengthening the relationship area, and we feel like we have got to know each other again. Also shortly after adding some prosperity cures, I had two wins on the bingo - one for £560!!"

Barbara Whiteside, Essex

Feng Shui Improves Relationships - Guaranteed

“Thank you very much for all your help, my life, marriage and attitude has greatly improved since I first came to see you for a consultation and reiki healing in Suffolk. My husband thinks you are worth your weight in gold.”

S.D. Ipswich

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