Lockdown 2020 – A Reflection

Looking back to Spring 2020, 2 years ago, how did it affect you?

I speak to people from all walks of life and know that it impacted everyone differently. It all depended on where you were at, at the time, and your goals and dreams back then.

For me, it was the biggest bonus ever. I am not saying financially it didn’t hurt, but I quickly recovered from years of burnout in that spring. I began to exercise most days again, as well as eat two home cooked meals a day, as well as having breakfast. I may have been working slightly longer hours, but with regular screen breaks, I got physically stronger and healthier. And the quieting down time that lockdown provided, gave me more time for meditation and me.

Then we came out – back to reality #bang. That took some adjustment.

I had changed. But I am grateful for the cocoon experience this period gave me that is unlikely to occur again in this lifetime.

It feels now that life is semi back to normal. There is still fear and uncertainty but has that ever not been the case? Seize the day, choose one goal, and get it done before sunset. It is so hard to prioritise – a billion urgent strings pulling you East, South, North, West. There are only 24 hours in a day and we do need sleep, so what’s the one thing, that if you get completed, will make a difference?

I am so busy right now that my goal is to spend 20 minutes minimum each day, gardening, doing my nails, painting, DIY-ing or baking. Having some me time in any shape or form - keeps me in balanced and sharp. I crave progressing personal projects - however insignificant they are to bystanders. Time to unwind and recharge is priceless. I have enough projects to keep me busy till I’m well past the Queen's letter. I am not waiting to retire to enjoy life. I encourage you to review your position.

Easter is coming – the start of a new cycle – rebirth – spring – new ideas.

Be creative. Get cracking – this is a positive year – much better than 2021.

We are also moving quite swiftly towards the 20-year period change in early February 2024. There are pros and cons about this new phase, but wherever you live your energy will shift dramatically. Period 9 time is the time to shine. Polish your 'gems' now. Message me for more information.

Life is a game. Learn the rules and then remember that some rules are fixed in stone and some are like elastic bands. Learn where you can stick your hand through the mirror. As was once said 'If you keep an open mind you will discover dark secrets'. Dark doesn't always mean bad. But once you open your eyes you can't close them again - ever. So as a very powerful client taught me tonight, how we live life is our choice. We can never see the full outcome of our decisions, but we can choose with integrity and considered values, moment by moment. After that I believe in destiny.

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I just wanted to tell you that the friend Kathy H whom I was uncertain about actually sent me a text 5 minutes after we had finished talking!!!! So we must have energised the link!!! And your wisdom to help me learn more also is good. I'm meeting her on Saturday, and we'll have a coffee etc.

C.J. London

Fine Art Brings Happiness

A beautiful and moving image now graces my wall: layers of vibrant colour alternatively reveal and conceal forms of significance, depicted with emotion and artistry. The abstract quality is such that it is a timeless piece I will always value and enjoy.
Thankyou !

PH Shotley Suffolk

Feng Shui Consultation for New Home

Growing up in China, I have always interested in Fengshui. As we were moving to Ipswich, I googled Fengshui consultant locally and that is how I found Rachel. I am so glad that we connected through the email initially. The house move took 9 months, Rachel was so patient, and she offered me advice through the process. I was so excited to meet her the day after we moved in. It provided us with a lot of comfort and guidiance at the new home. With her consultation, we had a much better understanding of the new space. Rachel is very intuitive, she did the dowsing, cleared the geopathic stress by using 'acupuncture'. The ritual she carried out involved all family member, so it was rather special.  By using Fengshui principle and combined with our personal astrology, Rachel pointed out where the 'special corners' in our house, for example the wealth, relationship, friends and helpful people etc; She also helped us choose the interior colour, elemental accessories, positive symbolism in art works etc. I am so glad that I have found Rachel. It made us settle in and connect with our new home much quicker. The declutter has given us a much healthier space to live in. Whenever I feel disconnected with our home, I try to use some of the Fengshui she taught us to refresh and cleanse. I am so grateful that I contacted Rachel at the first place. 

Feng Shui Resolved Serious Mental Health Issue

I asked for Rachels help with a young family member. They were having mental health issues which involved refusing to attend school, withdrawing from friendship groups and showing signs of psychosis. Rachel discussed with me her findings regarding her birth date and time in relation to her specialised work. Together we put a plan in place as I was to help. I carried out her recommendations. She stated that this time would come to an end this Spring and they would be through the part of the chart that was causing the chaos. I am so excited to report that they were again attending school until the lockdown. She is fully interacting with her family and is again part of her friendship group. Due to the lockdown and her now being well she is catching up with the school work she missed and will be ready to start again when the time comes. She is now off all medication which included ADHD and antidepressant prescription drugs. I cannot thank Rachel enough. If you are on the fence regarding her work, don’t be, it will be the best thing you could do for yourself and those you care for.

Feng Shui Consultation Solved Tenant Crisis Ipswich

"Before I got in touch with Rachel, I was at a loss to know what to do. I had bought a flat to rent out in Ipswich, but it attracted the wrong types of tenants. The previous three tenants had either not paid their rent or had left the flat in a very bad state of repair, or both. In effect, I was just chucking money into a big black hole. I wanted to keep the flat, which I would eventually pass on to my son, but I still had the mortgage to pay. After reading about feng shui and the effect it can have, I was keen to find out more. I contacted Rachel and she explained what she intended to do and why. Admittedly, I was a bit sceptical at first, but I was keen to give it a go. Much to my amazement, after a six month rent void, that same week, a potential tenant turned up at the flat. The couple liked what they saw and moved in within two weeks. Much to my relief, they also paid the rent on time. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone in a similar situation."

Amanda Paterson, Ipswich

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